Archive | 07/13/2010

The Perfect Parasol

To combat the sweltering Tennessee heat at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, this stylish young woman added a dreamy orange parasol to her retro-inspired ensemble. When paired with sleek wayfarers, a printed vintage frock (it’s hard to see …

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Stuff We Miss: Anthropomorphic Cartoon Heroes


Recently, my friend wrote in an e-mail that ModCloth was “ridiculously ‘jawesome!'” Where did this term originate? If you know the nostalgic roots of “jawesome,” then you’re one ‘shark’ individual. It was coined by a troupe of crime-fighting half-man/half-sharks …

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Great Scot! A City Full of Fun

With its castle on a hill, twisting old buildings, surrounding rocky crags, and edge of sparkling wharf, Edinburgh is a traveling hot-‘Scot.’ After checking into your lodging and taking an early morning walk up the sun-washed hills bordering the city, …

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