Archive | 07/21/2010

Vintage Sexism: Cheer Up! Edition

Image: Flickr user SA_Steve

Ever have one of those days when someone tells you to “cheer up,” or “smile,” when it’s the last thing you feel like doing? Or, worse, when people say, “Wow! You look exhausted!”?

After speaking with …

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Listen to Your Mumford & Sons

I wish someone would invent teleportation stat, because I’m aching to zip over to Europe for Mumford & Sons‘ just-announced fall tour. Since the chances of that happening are as probable as Genghis Khan inviting me to tea and …

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You’ll be Made in the Shade with This Blogger Trend

Yesterday, while exploring San Francisco, I found myself wishing I had a straw hat. The sun had turned my nose as …

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