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ivillage shoe clips

The Posie-cure Shoe Clips were featured on

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Inspiration from Head to Toe

Casey, of Casey’s Elegant Musings, has coyly captured the effortlessly refined nature I so often associate with retro beach attire. Her ’50s-inspired ensemble which she’s created because “it’s too hot for me to think …

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Great Scot! A Vintage Skirt!

Who: Molly Sullivan of Chimerically Yours

What: Vintage 1960’s Miss Lewis Skirt

Armstrong’s Vintage Clothes Emporium in Edinburgh, Scotland

How Much:

When I Use It:
I find this skirt particularly inspiring whenever I take a café writing day.  …

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Obsolete Fashion: Would You Hop on the Chatelaine Train?

Obsolete Fashion, chatelaine, equipage, 18th century, 19th century woman

Photos: Corvus Noir (left) and Crewel Jewels

A chatelaine, also called an “equipage,” was a decorative clip of long chains used to hold important household items. Functioning like pockets or purses, chatelaines were worn by women of the 18th …

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