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Great Scot! A Vintage Skirt!

Who: Molly Sullivan of Chimerically Yours

What: Vintage 1960’s Miss Lewis Skirt

Armstrong’s Vintage Clothes Emporium in Edinburgh, Scotland

How Much:

When I Use It:
I find this skirt particularly inspiring whenever I take a café writing day.  …

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Obsolete Fashion: Would You Hop on the Chatelaine Train?

Obsolete Fashion, chatelaine, equipage, 18th century, 19th century woman

Photos: Corvus Noir (left) and Crewel Jewels

A chatelaine, also called an “equipage,” was a decorative clip of long chains used to hold important household items. Functioning like pockets or purses, chatelaines were worn by women of the 18th …

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Style Glossary: They’ve Gone Plaid!

Greetings, Modsters! Excuse the Spaceballs reference, but I’m excited! With grunge and retro-inspired fall looks showing up the pages of our favorite glossies, as well …

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WWD July 2010

ModCloth was mentioned along with a quote from Susan in the July 26th edition of Women’s Wear Daily.

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“I Can’t Live Without My Cowboy Boots!”

Seen Style

Megan, a true southern belle, was one of the first stylish young ladies I spotted during my Bonnaroo adventure. The Tennessee native knew what four days in humid, never-ending heat would entail, so she dressed the part in a super …

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Are You a Virtual Buying Virtuoso?

We’re standing in our best Uncle Sam pose, pointing our cocktail ringed finger straight out of the screen, hollering (in the most friendly of ways), “We want you!” For what? Why, to be featured as a Virtual Buyer, of …

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Top 10 Books that Should Be Made Into Movies

Since George du Maurier’s novel Trilby was made into the 1896 short film Trilby and Little Billee, the boundary between books and film has become increasingly fluid. And although book-to-film adaptations are a point of contention for many, most …

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the cut mention

The By the Riverbed Skirt was featured on theCut as a Modern Spin on Mad Men Style

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We Can’t Stop Talking About… Design for Mankind

Are you a creative type with an hour or two (or ten) to kill? Look no further than art and design blog Design for Mankind to feed your mind with enough artistic eye-candy and inspiration to last for months!

Offering …

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ModCloth was listed on as one of the ‘Five New Internet Companies You Should Know About’

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