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Obsolete Fashion: Take It or Sleeve It – The Leg o’ Mutton Sleeve

Leg O


Imagine this: It’s 1832. A highly fashionable woman is calling upon her dear friend. She glides through the wallpaper-clad hallway en route to the sitting room. When she arrives at the doorway, she pauses, turns 90 degrees to …

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Spring into Fall with Pastels (Yes, Pastels!)

Spring is long past, but that doesn’t mean pastels are done for too. I love how Indonesian style blogger Marla Singer of Versicle paired her soft orange blouse with a boldly patterned skirt and bright wedges, especially …

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Style Glossary: Cascade Collar

If there was ever a collar style to fall for, it’s the cascade collar. This fluttery collar style is pretty easy to pinpoint, but if you must know, a cascade collar is a circular-cut ruffle that is attached to …

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Head in the Clouds

Forget a pony, we want a pet cloud! In his photo series “Pet Cloud,” New York photographer Michael Casker indulges our imaginations by showing what a typical day with your pet cloud could be like.…

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From Uganda with Love

Fashion is a storyteller. What you wear can say volumes about who you are, and even what you believe in. At ModCloth, we’re enthusiastic believers in one of our newest brands, MEND! Maybe you’ve seen the From Uganda with

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Artist to Watch: Caitlin Pasko of Lacrymosa

If you’re anything like us, your heart skipped a beat once you heard Caitlin Pasko of Lacrymosa‘s airy, lilting voice on our exclusive playlist with Family Records. It was love at first note, and near-idol worship once we …

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Leather Forecast

As far as trends go, leather shorts is one of this year’s surprising breakout stars. I’ve always been slightly wary of black leather skirts and shorts (there’s a fine line between seriously cool and flat-out dominatrix), but …

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Bands with Adorable Animals in Their Names

If you’re making up a band name, where do you begin? One of those online generators? Pulling adjectives and nouns out of a hat? There are a thousand different ways to settle upon your creative cognomen, but …

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What’s All the Snipe About?

Who: Kendra of Closet Confections

What: Vintage ’80s secretary dress

Where: eBay

How Much:

When I Use It:
I love this dress because it’s perfect for both work and play! This particular photo was taken during my lunch break …

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A Sneak Peek into the Mysterious World of Monserat de Lucca

Have you seen that bafflingly awesome jewelry in our Accessories section? What? You think all the accessories are awesome? Okay, us too. We’ll be more specific; we’re talking that unbelievably cool knight’s helmet ring, that oh-so-creative necklace that…

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