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Vintage Sexism: Who Wears the Pants? Edition

Images: Found in Mom’s Basement (left), Found in Mom’s Basement

In previous Vintage Sexism posts, we’ve looked at some of the ways women are portrayed as objects of a “male gaze” in advertisements for everything from acne medication to deodorant

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Cinnamon-Sugar Baked Doughnuts

Now, we’re not one to play favorites, especially at work, but if we were – theoretically, of course – ModCloth Interaction Designer Netta would be at the top of our list for bringing homemade cinnamon-sugar doughnuts to the office last …

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Parisian Style from the Streets of New York

Sometimes, mixing styles doesn’t have to be as obvious as clashing prints or colors. We first stopped Paris native Stephanie in New York because of her pretty purple dress-and-cardi combo, and then noticed her fantastically slick, futuristic heels. We love …

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Our Top Three ModCloth Style Shorts

Three weeks ago, we announced our first-ever ModCloth Video Contest! Shortly thereafter, submissions began to roll in, and we found ourselves amazed by the unbelievable creativity and effort of each and every Style Short.

Each Style Short impressed us …

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