Archive | 08/17/2010

The Adventures of a Virtual Buyer

Perhaps you’ve heard of a little thing (okay, well not SO little) called Be the Buyer. What’s that? You haven’t? Oh. Well it’s this nifty feature on our site where you can vote on designer samples and tell us …

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Pencil This In: Dalton Ghetti’s Awesome Graphite Art

Graphite smudges and writing-induced hand cramps feel increasingly foreign as computers replace pencils in the classroom and workplace, but artist Dalton Ghetti‘s jaw-dropping sculptures prove that pencils are anything but obsolete. The Brazilian-American carpenter has carved his mini graphite …

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Back(pack) to Vintage!

Who: Rosie of Rosemud Vintage

What: Leather backpack

Saver’s in Worcester, MA

How Much:

When I Use It:
Nearly every day toting around books, my journal, and my camera. It is also perfect for day excursions, because you …

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