Archive | 08/26/2010

Leather Forecast

As far as trends go, leather shorts is one of this year’s surprising breakout stars. I’ve always been slightly wary of black leather skirts and shorts (there’s a fine line between seriously cool and flat-out dominatrix), but …

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Bands with Adorable Animals in Their Names

If you’re making up a band name, where do you begin? One of those online generators? Pulling adjectives and nouns out of a hat? There are a thousand different ways to settle upon your creative cognomen, but …

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What’s All the Snipe About?

Who: Kendra of Closet Confections

What: Vintage ’80s secretary dress

Where: eBay

How Much:

When I Use It:
I love this dress because it’s perfect for both work and play! This particular photo was taken during my lunch break …

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