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Meet Kelly

Meet Kelly, ModCloth’s multi-talented Quality Control Specialist!

Name: Kelly
Hometown: California, PA

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Top 10 Interesting Fashion Designers We’d Like to Dine With


Photo: Leo de Vos

The cork wiggles out of the Rioja with a carnival pop, and we pour a few glasses in preparation for a meal that’s only in our minds, a lovely affair where we would meet some superb …

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Bands That Have Extraordinarily Long and Peculiar Names

...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead poster

Image: Mortar Town

…And you will know them by their extended trail of syllables, ladies and gentlemen. Bands, that is. Groups of musicians who, when tasked with inventing a name for themselves, decided to forgo a more traditionally succinct and …

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Obsolete Fashion: A Ferronière Share of Style


Photo: Louvre Museum

Depicted with a fine brushstroke, the simple headpiece worn by the lady above was all the rage in the 15th century. Known as a ferronière, this delicate adornment was composed of a satin cord or velvet

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Blogger of the Moment: Cocorosa

Meet Chantal, the lovely creator of the blog Cocorosa. Now a New Yorker, she moved to the Big Apple by way of the Netherlands. This Dutch damsel is effortlessly chic, pairing light, feminine neutrals with body-con lace dresses and …

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We Have a Winner!

Our Style Shorts contest has drawn to a close, and wow – what an exciting journey it has been! As always, the creativity and general awesomeness of each and every submission truly blew us away.…

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Parents magazine

The Take a Bite Out of Time Talking Clock was featured in the August issue of Parents magazine.

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Closet Voyeurism: Style Like U

[protected-iframe id=”77af61973bef9f5f9c05375d5551b268-26866985-27255774″ info=”″ width=”520″ height=”338″]

If you’re a fan of The Selby’s voyeuristic approach to highlighting creative individuals, get ready to lose a few hours clicking through the endlessly inspirational Style Like U.

While we wouldn’t pass up the …

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London Travel Diary: ModCloth Heads to the Pure Tradeshow!

Sometimes, nothing says early fall like a London tradeshow. While the rest of us have just begun digging out our fall scarves and jackets, the ModCloth buyers are already planning for next spring and summer. In the fashion world, these …

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