Archive | 10/07/2010

Flea Market Street Style

flea market street style 1

Over the weekend, I took a little trip to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire, otherwise known as The Flea Market!  Not only is it a great place to spend hours rummaging for hidden treasures, but it’s a great place …

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Concert to Check Out: Klaxons

Take out a pen and paper and list your ten favorite bands of all time. Chances are more than a few of those musical artists are based in a country that’s not your own! We love new and exciting music …

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Our Favorite Looks from Paris Fashion Week

Create your own clash of contrast and print by pairing the Gallop of Style Romper with the lovely Plains Zebra Cardigan, Nighttime on the Terrace Tights, and Today I Met the Perfect Boot.

Oh, the tyranny of …

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Meet Our Newest Blog Writer, Erin!

Forget the iPhone, or livestreams – these last few seasons, it’s the blogger that has shaken up the fashion industry more than anything else. Accessibility is ousting exclusivity as fashion becomes more democratic with each tweet, comment, and post. Being …

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