Archive | 12/27/2010

Dresses Through the Decades

With another decade drawing to a close, and our expansive selection of vintage-inspired frocks right at my fingertips, I started to think about all the iconic silhouettes that each era brought.

But what about the decade that we’ve just put …

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Celebrate in Color!

What are your aspirations for 2011? With all the feats you have planned, why not add a splash of color to them with inspiration from our latest stylebook video. With the soft sounds of Icelandic band Amiina and the …

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Style Glossary: Sparkle Your Imagination–And Your Wardrobe

On New Years, your champagne probably won’t be the only think sparkling–your dress likely will be too. But, have you even taken a moment to sit down and say, “Gee, sparkly things on my dress, thanks for making me look …

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