Archive | 01/13/2011

Pump Up the Yam: Sweet Potato Bruschetta

If you’re one who prefers (sweet potato) “fries with that,” then you’ll love this sweet take on bruschetta. This was my third time making this tasty lil’ treat, and I just can’t get enough! I was first introduced to this …

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Obsolete Fashion: My, What a Lovely Jabot!

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If you were to pull a Bill and Ted and time machine back to, oh say, 18th-century France, to the home of some aristocrat, you’d probably see some dude dressed in a fancy waistcoat with a mess …

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Maximum Balloon's Enchanting Music Video

Combine balloon-bumping beats with a creatively crafted music video, and what do you get? A whole new atmosphere of music video awesomeness when watching Maximum Balloon and Theophilus London’s “Groove Me.” The helium that buoys up Maximum Balloon is producer …

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