Archive | 01/25/2011

Great Style is Difficult to Pin Down

Clockwise, from top left: Sweet Bestiary: Lord James Brooch, Sweet Bestiary: White Bunny Brooch, Stay Home: Bad News Bear Brooches, Bean Doll: Octopus Brooch, Hairy Sock: Laundry Double Brooch, House That Crow Built: Anatomical Heart

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Time Enough for Vintage!

Who: Annie of Time Enough for Drums

What: Beaded silk collar

Estate sale in Kensington, MD

How Much: $5

When I Use It:
“This collar is the perfect spice to any ensemble.  I might be feeling sub-par about what …

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Style Glossary: Ahem, A Hem

From the left: The Iso-Taupe Top, Hem and Haw Dress, and Streets of Sausalito Top.

Friends with colds, brandish your handkerchiefs! Then, once you’d had your fill of thinking about the drippy nose’s worst enemy, continue reading……

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