Archive | 02/01/2011

Today’s Special: Beets!

Moogie and Pap’s Beet Ravioli with Poppy Seed Butter, RAWk Me’s Mixed Veggie Salad, and Beet Ice Cream from the Daley Dish.

Food bloggers have got the ‘beet’ with their luscious Beta vulgaris creations.

Also called beetroot, this vegetable …

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Obsolete Fashion: Don’t Ridicule This Reticule

Image via

In a recent Fashion Dictionary post, commenter Nanne introduced me to the strange and wonderful fashion artifact known as the reticule purse. Before reading Nanne’s feedback, I was unfamiliar with the historical accessory. However, …

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Listening to Lissie

Image by Valerie Phillips, via

Just when you think you’re on top of the music scene, a friend slips you a song that puts all of your other tracks on hold. I gotta lotta lovin’ for the one …

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Style Spring Staples with Cozy Scarves for a Perfect Pairing

Clockwise from top left:, Plenty of Hangers, Fashionymous, and

We’re all dying to pull out our pretty printed dresses, shorts, and skirts. We’re fantasizing about picnics in the park and longer days of sunshine; …

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