Archive | 02/21/2011

Hello, History! Temperley London’s Fall 2011 Show

When I was a wee one, making clothes for my Trolls out of fabric scraps, I doubt I knew what ‘historical fashion’ was. But we’re a ways away from those days now, and, boy, do I love me some historical …

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Get the Inside Scoop on Thrifting!

Who: Tran Huke of Tranish

What: Vintage floral dress and ’60s snakeskin purse to go along with it!

Where: “Both at Buffalo Exchange in Austin, TX”

How Much: $12 for dress, $10 for purse

When I Use It: “When I …

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An Aussie Artist's Tribute to Local Wildlife

During my daily online art crawl, I stumbled across Amy Borrell‘s “Bird Eggs of Australia” print. I don’t even like birds that much, and can’t tell you what half of the birds listed above even look like, but …

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Meet the ModDog: Remy

Name: Remy
Age: 4
Breed: Border Terrier

If you typically reserve the term “foodie” for anyone who walks on two legs, think again! Pittsburgh ModDog Remy is known for being a health-conscious food connoisseur. His latest palette pleaser? Raw tuna! …

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