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For the Traveling Types

Who says you have to speak a language to experience it? Not a single word is spoken in this breathtaking short film series, which was commissioned by the language-teaching company EF. Barcelona-based designer Albin Holmqvist crafted gorgeous type to …

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Style Glossary: Wouldn’t ‘Shoe’ Like to Know

If shoes could talk, and lift their top away from their base like the soup can in Wet Hot American Summer, what would they say? I’d be worried that they might cry, “‘Shoe’ don’t know me! ‘Shoe’ don’t know anything …

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Hello, History! Temperley London’s Fall 2011 Show

When I was a wee one, making clothes for my Trolls out of fabric scraps, I doubt I knew what ‘historical fashion’ was. But we’re a ways away from those days now, and, boy, do I love me some historical …

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Get the Inside Scoop on Thrifting!

Who: Tran Huke of Tranish

What: Vintage floral dress and ’60s snakeskin purse to go along with it!

Where: “Both at Buffalo Exchange in Austin, TX”

How Much: $12 for dress, $10 for purse

When I Use It: “When I …

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An Aussie Artist's Tribute to Local Wildlife

During my daily online art crawl, I stumbled across Amy Borrell‘s “Bird Eggs of Australia” print. I don’t even like birds that much, and can’t tell you what half of the birds listed above even look like, but …

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Meet the ModDog: Remy

Name: Remy
Age: 4
Breed: Border Terrier

If you typically reserve the term “foodie” for anyone who walks on two legs, think again! Pittsburgh ModDog Remy is known for being a health-conscious food connoisseur. His latest palette pleaser? Raw tuna! …

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Seventeen magazine

The Girly Bird Gets the Dress was featured in the March issue of Seventeen.

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New York Fashion Week by Pattern and Print

Call us nerds, but we love making lists and diagrams of everything, fashion included! So, what better than a chart to keep track of all our favorite patterns and prints from the New York runways?

What prints caught your eye …

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Our Favorite Looks From Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week

And just like that, it was over. New York Fashion Week seemed to end as quickly as it came, but the seven-day fashion extravaganza didn’t conclude without leaving behind a few lasting impressions. Blog Writer Annie took a moment to …

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The Secret Lives of Dresses: February’s Book of the Month Giveaway!

“Some dresses are worn by only one person,
and so that’s the kind of person they like.”
-The Secret Lives of Dresses, Erin McKean

Does style make an imprint on us, or is it the other way around? Our …

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