Archive | 03/10/2011

Our Favorite Looks From Fall 2011 Paris Fashion Week

Dare I say it? Deep breath. Here’s my confession: I was not a fan of this past Paris Fashion Week. The runways were spewing with shapeless, colorless garments and, in my opinion, were often similarly bereft of imagination.  ‘Course, …

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Get Your 'Philly' of New Music: The Powder Kegs

The latest jams we’re loving come from you! We have blog reader Aja to thank for this righteous music recommendation, who wrote us, saying, “I came across The Powder Kegs and immediately thought of the ModCloth Blog and all …

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Meet the ModDog: Keith Richards

Name: Keith Richards
Age: 2
Breed: Miniature Dachshund

The lovable dachshund pictured above is notorious for breakin’ hearts and taking names, but isn’t that obvious from his sweet stature and lovable mug? When he’s not trotting alongside his loving …

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