Archive | 03/24/2011

Fall Head Over Paws for this ModCloth Exclusive!

Gemma’s trusty side kick, Mr. Norman Pickles the Pug, and our very own Winston served as the inspiration for our new tote!

Playful, imaginative, and slightly offbeat, the art of illustrator Gemma Correll has captured fans’ hearts with her quirky …

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Video of the Day: Advanced Style Advice


It’s not yet noon here at ModCloth’s West Coast offices, but it’s safe to say that Advanced Styles charming new video has taken the title of “video of the day.” Their video for NOWNESS features a bevy …

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Page Turners: What a Long, Stylish Trip It's Been

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If I’ve figured this out right, my dad and sister probably just left the Grand Canyon. They were on a weeklong road trip around the Southwest, a part of the country in which I’ve spent little time. …

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Find the Fortune Contest Winners!

The clues were collected, and the search for the kettle of coins concealed within a product profile commenced. Were you one of the fashion-savvy sleuths to spot the pot of gold hiding out with the Clover Cadence Dress? If …

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