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Get Your 'Philly' of New Music: The Powder Kegs

The latest jams we’re loving come from you! We have blog reader Aja to thank for this righteous music recommendation, who wrote us, saying, “I came across The Powder Kegs and immediately thought of the ModCloth Blog and all …

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Meet the ModDog: Keith Richards

Name: Keith Richards
Age: 2
Breed: Miniature Dachshund

The lovable dachshund pictured above is notorious for breakin’ hearts and taking names, but isn’t that obvious from his sweet stature and lovable mug? When he’s not trotting alongside his loving …

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A Change Will Do Ya Good

Imagine this for a moment: It’s a late Saturday morning, and the ding-dong of a doorbell wakes you from a sweet slumber. Your mind still fuzzy from the forty winks, you shuffle to the entrance of your abode, where you’re …

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Blogger of the Moment: Idée Géniale

Meet Mel of Idée Géniale! She’s a French Canadian who now lives in Brooklyn by way of Vancouver, BC. I first met this stylish gal over lunch during New York Fashion Week a year ago, and then again last …

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Lights, Camera, Bookstore!

Images via Buenos Aires For 91 Days

I’ve always thought it would be nifty to live in a converted old theater. Though I haven’t really thought about the logistics, I just imagine walking under the marquee and by the retro …

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A Serendipitous Music Discovery

I have a confession. As a reformed music snob, this is kinda embarrassing… Alright, deep breath. Here we go: I discovered my new favorite singer through a Honda CR-V commercial. Now, let me explain…

It seems like advertisers’ game du …

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A Preppy Polka-Dotted Vintage Find

Who: Jessica Wilson of A Day in the Life of One Girl

What: Vintage silk blouse

Goodwill in Brevard, NC

How Much: $5

When I Use It:
“This blouse has a preppy sort of feel and I think it …

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Our New Favorite Accessory Is A Fun DIY!

If you know how to braid and have a few bucks to spend at the hardware store, this Hex Nut Bracelet DIY, originally found on Honestly…WTF, is definitely worth checking out. With a couple of materials and a …

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Style Glossary: An Illustration that’s Good Enough to Eat

Oh my goodness. How adorable is this piece from UK illustrator Kiley Victoria Woolgar? Entitled  “Eat My Hat”, this illustration manages to be cute, educational, and punny. Obviously, we’re eating this up.…

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Spring Forward with Socks 'n' Flats!

Channel Blythe’s style savvy with the Resident Artist Top, Pleased to Pleat You Skirt, Crossing Cobblestone Corridors Flat, Cafe Au Lait Socks, and the Newly Coined Necklace.

If you love the socks ‘n’ shoes trend

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