Archive | 04/06/2011

The Written Wardrobe: "The Pin"

From “The Pin” by Katrina Solano:

Millie looked down and straightened her model pin affectionately. The pin was the one constant in Millie’s outfits. She never went a day without it.

Do you have a signature accessory that could represent …

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Blogger of the Moment: B. Jones Style

If you miss the days when you could get style inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw, lament no more. Beth of B. Jones Style offers that offbeat style you’ve been longing for. Crazy floral prints, lush layering, heady hats, all display Beth’s …

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Dirty Beaches ‘Shore’ Sounds Good to Me!


Though many bands have bestowed themselves with far more becoming names, Dirty Beaches proves to be a fitting moniker for the sea of sentimental sounds conceived by musician Alex Zhang Hungtai. Inspired by 1950’s and early-1960’s rock, doo-wop, …

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