Archive | 05/18/2011

Page Turners: Out-of-the-Box Office Wear Inspiration

“Hannah, when are you going to get work clothes?” my mom used to ask me when I spent a summer interning in Boston. And yeah, my closet full of crazy prints, bright colors, and self-reconstructed thrift store items didn’t really …

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Meet Lydia of Style is Style!

Our latest Blogger of the Moment is Lydia of Style is Style! Her outfits are pretty and feminine boasting pinched waists, full skirts, and a decidedly vintage feel. She’s not afraid of color, and often will incorporate bold hues …

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Strike a Prose!

From one of our favorite Twitter memes, “Wordplay,” to the ever-popular cell phone app, “Words with Friends,” it’s apparent that character-crunching games are so in vogue! That’s why we’re inviting you to play our own short ‘n’ tweet social literature …

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