Archive | 06/09/2011

Fashion in Film: Quinn Morgendorffer

"Just because people are cliquey and snotty is no reason not to like them." Whether she's dishing out advice on who to hang out with or sharing secrets on how to style platform jellies, Quinn Morgendorffer, rarely steers a gal in the wrong direction. In this edition of Fashion in Film, we'll explore how Quinn, younger sister to the insufferable Daria, trailblazed her way into becoming a posh pop icon. Read more »

Gone Vegan: Not Your Everyday Cookout

A backyard cookout that anyone can escape to, featuring the recipes below, haute hats, sweet shades, and Nina the Cat.

I was under a shady umbrella of tropical palms, just one step away from a painted desert of …

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Obsolete Fashion: Put a Posie Ring on It

According to the movie Grease, summer is a time for falling in love. So, let’s take a trip through the timeline of love to find out about a token from its history!

In the 17th century, if lovers weren’t …

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