Archive | 08/22/2011

Julie's Secret Recipe: Dill Macarons With Chocolate Hazelnut Buttercream

It was hard to pick just one dish, so this week we’re offering two recipes for your dill-loving taste buds! Once you harvest the free dill seed packets we sent you, serve up some sweet satisfaction by making Dill

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Kind of a Big ‘Dill’: Free Seed Cards Buried in Your Orders!

Psst! Guess what! Very soon, a slew of you will be unearthing these cute dill seed cards in your ModCloth order. So, what’s the ‘dill’? We’re glad you asked!

To share some green thumb fun with customers as our ModEmployees …

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Get Your Menswear Fix with this Tumblr

Don’t surprised if you come into our office this week and see all of us sporting trousers and button-downs. After one of our graphic designers, Sam, shared the link to Wearing the Pants, a cheekily named Tumblr that posts …

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