Archive | 08/23/2011

10 Must-Read, Must-Own Fashion Tomes

Searching for some extracurricular reading material to satiate your stylish spirit? With the help of Fashion Pulse Daily’s Julia DiNardo, who offered her favorite reading suggestions during our AWP panel last winter, we compiled 10 of our fashion library essentials

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Catherine Campbell's 'Tea-rific' Illustrations

Would you like to join me for some tea? Grab a cup of your preferred flavor, and I’ll show you the work of one of my new favorite illustrators, Catherine Campbell. She is a multitalented, multimedia artist whose work …

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Our Stylish Take on the Boardwalk the Line Dress

Blogger Kathleen of Inspirafashion wears the Boardwalk the Line Dress, Velvet Touch Headband, and the Golden Commitment Necklace.

If you’re a fan of our Be the Buyer Program, you’ve surely noticed the flux of incredible dresses …

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