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It’s Caturday on Tumblr!

Mewsweek isn’t over just yet, at least not without an entire day dedicated to our feline friends on the ModCloth Tumblr! All week, we’ve been browsing the web, compiling cute pictures of cats for our feline finale! So hop …

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Meet the ModCat: Jasper

Name: Jasper
Age: 5
Breed: Domestic longhair

To end the week on a sweet note, we figured it was fitting to feature Jasper, the feline friend of Assistant Producer Anna. This spunky cat is a diva and a night …

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The Celebrity Cat Crown Goes To…

Earlier this week, we polled our Facebook fans to determine the number one celebrity cat. As you can see, Garfield came out on top, beating Felix the Cat with more than twice the number of votes! Though, in retrospect, we …

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What's Your Cat Horror Story?

Ever have a cat silently stalk you as you walk home from school, and then suddenly go wild and hiss and bare its teeth at you when you try to escape through your front door? Or, wake up in the …

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DIY: A House Mouse For Your Cat Friend

Anyone who’s had a cat knows that it can cost a pretty penny to continually replenish your stash of cute kitty toys. And as much as kitties love random bits of refuse (i.e. gum wrappers, plastic bags, bottle caps), they …

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Meet the ModCats: Scrizz and FatGuy

Names: Scrizz (left) and FatGuy (right)
Ages: 6

You wouldn’t guess it, but the kitties you see above are actually brother and sister! Scrizz and FatGuy were adopted by Support Analyst Megan when they were mere kittens, and have been …

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Kitty Comics That Really Take the Catnip

With their winning combination of fuzziness, silliness, and slight megalomaniacal tendencies, cats were destined to be the queens and kings of the Internet. Thanks to some witty and artistically inclined kitty-loving humans, felines are poised to rule webcomics, too. The …

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Meet the ModCat: Lola

Name: Lola
Age: 5
Breed: Domestic short-haired tuxedo cat

A recent addition to the ModCat family, Lola was adopted from a San Francisco shelter by Design Manager, Mini, just a couple of months ago. Talkative and playful, Lola …

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A Taste of Music: Listen to our Meow Mix!

No celebration is complete without music, and if you’re celebrating MewsWeek like we are in the ModCloth offices, then you need an appropriate playlist! This isn’t a mix for your cats, well, it could be if they like to listen …

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Announcing the Meow About That Contest!

Caption this cat! What words will you give to Marketing Campaign Writer Angela’s photogenic feline? Also, if you want to learn how to make some of the toys above, watch our DIY video.

You know how that old saying …

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