Archive | 09/28/2011

Meet the ModCat: Lola

Name: Lola
Age: 5
Breed: Domestic short-haired tuxedo cat

A recent addition to the ModCat family, Lola was adopted from a San Francisco shelter by Design Manager, Mini, just a couple of months ago. Talkative and playful, Lola …

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A Taste of Music: Listen to our Meow Mix!

No celebration is complete without music, and if you’re celebrating MewsWeek like we are in the ModCloth offices, then you need an appropriate playlist! This isn’t a mix for your cats, well, it could be if they like to listen …

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Announcing the Meow About That Contest!

Caption this cat! What words will you give to Marketing Campaign Writer Angela’s photogenic feline? Also, if you want to learn how to make some of the toys above, watch our DIY video.

You know how that old saying …

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Celebrate Mewsweek with Carrot Raisin Muffins!

My great-aunt had a cat named Muffin. When I was three, I tried chasing him down, as if he was sociable puppy, but would instead find him hiding under the bed, giving me the stink eye. Oh, Muffin.

In celebration …

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