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Celebrate Mewsweek with Carrot Raisin Muffins!

My great-aunt had a cat named Muffin. When I was three, I tried chasing him down, as if he was sociable puppy, but would instead find him hiding under the bed, giving me the stink eye. Oh, Muffin.

In celebration …

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Meet the ModCat: Serafina

Name: Serafina
Age: 10
Breed: Calico

San Francisco feline Serafina is known as a sweet and sophisticated cat, and has been at the side of Writer and Content Strategist Cindy since kittendom. As a wee one, Serafina used to scale …

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Right About Meow: Our Best Whiskered Gifts Yet

Whether you’re a cat lover or a cat, lover, you’ll adore these playful products: 1. I Want it Meow Top, 2. Play It on the Line Mug in Purr, 3. Fashion Cats, 4. Stenogra-fur Notepad in Kitten

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Fave Finds: Siri’s Cute Cat Blouse!

Who are you? Siri of Ringo, Have A Banana!

What did you find? “A vintage cotton blouse with all-over cartoon cat print and tiny gold buttons. I call it my “Maneki Neko,” or “Lucky Cat,” shirt.”

Where did you get

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Meet the ModCat: Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Name: Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
Age: 4
Breed: Seal Point Himalayan

Oh, where to start? With his distinguished name and fluffy visage, Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz never fails to make an impression. This playful Seal Point Himalayan is …

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Best Friends Fur-ever Contest!

We’re ‘feline’ fine, ’cause it’s MewsWeek here at ModCloth! All week long, our blog, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter pages with will be filled with woman’s other best friend.

That’s right – the Best Friends Fur-ever Contest is for

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Hang on to Your Cats – It’s MewsWeek at ModCloth!

Here at ModCloth, it’s not uncommon to see us raising the ‘woof’ for our canine companions, but what about our other four-legged friends? Well this week, we’re taking ‘paws’ and recognizing all the cute kitties and cool cats of the …

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The Last Hurrah Sale Is Back!

ModCloth Last Hurrah Sale

Sis-boom-bah, let’s hear it for the Last Hurrah!

Yup – it’s that time of the year again. Temperatures drop, leaves fall, classes commence, and… ModCloth’s Last Hurrah Sale begins! And, this year, it’s better than ever: Not only can …

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Vintage Varsity: DIY Letterman Cardigan Appliqué

When I was in college, I received an assignment that required digging through the school archives. I found photos of past students wearing plaid skirts, fitted chenille shirts, saddle shoes, and oversized varsity cardigans – how much more collegiate cute …

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Vintage-inspired Jewelery Collaboration Part IV: Susan

Well, today is the last installment in our vintage-inspired jewelery collection, and we’re definitely going out with a bang. Susan, ModCloth’s co-founder and Chief Creative Officer was the mastermind behind the re-envisioning of this feathered friend. This adorable lil’ owl

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