Archive | 11/15/2011

What ModEmployee Kayla is Loving Right Now

With the season of giving and receiving upon us, it’s also the season for letting potential gift-givers know what you’re wishing for. Need a little inspiration as you whip up your wishlist? Just turn to the exemplary employees here at …

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Cozy Up Mulled Cider

You know what there’s not enough of in this world? Cider. Freshly pressed, farmer’s market, shake-before-pouring apple cider. So, when I saw the location for our current stylebook, A Welcome Retreat, I immediately imagined curling up inside the cherry …

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’Tis the Season for Top Tastemaker

Sure, we generally consider the holidays a time for making wishes come true, but our Be the Buyer program has been granting wardrobe wishes all year long. Just ask our current Top Tastemaker, Ella!

In her fabulously fashionable photo, …

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What a Card: Awe-Inspiring Vintage Thanksgiving Cards

Image via Bulldogggrrl

When I think of Thanksgiving, I picture gleefully drowning myself in sweet potatoes and vulturing upon a mess o’ turkey and gravy. I don’t think of sending people cards because really, who’s ever heard of Thanksgiving cards

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Fave Finds: Sarah’s 1960s Peter Max Plates and Bowls

Who: Sarah from Tulle and Trinkets

What: Set of 1960s Peter Max plates and bowls

Where: Goodwill in Carmel, Indiana

How Much: $0.99 each

When I Use It: “These fancy plates aren’t for eating! I use one of the …

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