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Holiday Sneak Peek, Part II: Let It Snow!

The last time it snowed in San Francisco was this February, and before that, in the 1970s. But, with our strong DIY spirit, we created our own fluffy white flakes for our Holiday 2011 stylebook — the kind that won’t …

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Full Steampunk Ahead

steampunk illustration by ModCloth

If I asked you what aesthetic I’m describing when I say, “a volcanic eruption of Victorian-style frocks and frock coats, retro-ified technology, and cog-composed accessories,” would you be able to answer? Okay, you probably can; I kinda gave it away …

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Designer Lauren Moffatt Dishes on Her Fall Collection

Ever wanted to learn more about the designer and inspiration behind the Fondue Fete Dress or other Lauren Moffatt pieces? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We met up with Lauren in her New York studio to check out …

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Parmesan-Roasted Acorn Squash

Parmesan-roasted acorn squash

Parmesan-roasted acorn squash

Autumn harvest is at its prime right now, so seize the season by trying your hand at this super easy squash recipe! This dish drew me in with its simplicity, and with just five ingredients and a sprig of patience, …

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Meet the ModDog: Reese

Name: Reese
Age: 4

“I’ve had Reese since she was two months old,” says Community Specialist Manager Crystal. “We adopted her from an Amish breeder in Ohio. They had a few Pom puppies for sale, and most …

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Page Turners: Late Fall Layers

Late autumn, to me, is the ideal time of year for fashion, full of crisp weather, lovely scenery, and sun drenched afternoons — perfect weather for piling on layers and mixing textures. As I was flipping through the August/September 2011 …

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Holiday Sneak Peek, Part I: Trees and Thank You!

At ModCloth, the holidays pop up a little earlier than in a lot of places. We’ve been preparing our upcoming Holiday 2011 stylebook for a little while, and we’re super excited to share it. While we don’t want to give …

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Lucky December 2011

The Career Calling Satchel and Daffodil Centerpiece Dress were featured in the December issue of Lucky.

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Vintage Sexism: Kiss and Makeup

Image via

Tenaciously holding onto the tails of time, makeup has stuck around for over 6,000 years, dating back to when ancient Egyptians wore it in hopes of sharpening their sight and protecting themselves from malicious spirits. Of course, …

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Street Style: Bright Blazer

During our last street style session, we ran into the stunning Nicole of The Style Student on the streets of NYC rocking this bright pink vintage blazer with a casual T-shirt, a fun polka dot skirt, and cute boots. We’re …

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