Archive | 01/10/2012

Wear It’s At: Portland Band Blouse

Post-holiday season is a glorious time of the year. You remember all of the things you used to do when you had free time, such as relax and discover new music. In my recent search for undiscovered sounds, I happened …

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Fave Finds: Daria’s Leather Satchel

Who: Daria of blog and handmade accessories line Kittenhood

What: “A perfectly fine leather satchel that goes with virtually everything.”

Where: Local flea market in Romania

How Much: 20 Romanian lei (a little over $6)

When I Use It:

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Today’s Special: The Craziest Vegetable You’ve Ever Seen

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When my friend Yael showed up to our book club with a spiraling head of broccoli romanesco in hand, I was floored. “What is this…this…thing? It looks like it belongs on the wall of my senior year …

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