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OK! January 23rd, 2012.

The Oh, Boysenberry Blazer was featured in Ok!

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Join Our Stylish Street Team!

Do you love ModCloth? Like, really love ModCloth? When you’re not on the site picking up a few pretty pieces to add to your wardrobe, are you carefully constructing a craft or cooking a recipe that you read about on …

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Something ModCloth, Something You: Enter Our First Ever Contest on Pinterest!

Many of you are already aware of the awesomeness of Pinterest. And if you aren’t in the loop, we’re giving you a reason to join! Starting on 1/23 at 11 a.m. PT, we’re launching our first themed contest …

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Pull Out Your Pens and Surprise Your Friends!

The digital age may have diminished our need for scribing by hand on a daily basis, but that shouldn’t discourage us from revisiting the now-nostalgic pastime of crafting handwritten works!

In the spirit of National Handwriting Day, we’ve invited …

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