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Add This to Your Collection

Have you seen our Eclectic Selections? It highlights a few of our employees’ quirky collections that inspired their respective curated categories. Take a look at the bounty of bows, canine coterie, and team of tikis that our employees have …

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A Collection a Day: February’s Book of the Month Giveaway

Erasers, paperbacks, and patches, oh my! Those are a few of the collections elegantly captured in A Collection a Day, our March Book of the Month. Intrigued? Read on to see how you can win a copy for …

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Our Favorite Street Style Snaps from NYFW

Images via Harpers Bazaar (left) and Fabsugar

From yeti-ready jackets to boisterously colorful pants, up-and-coming trends infiltrated Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week street style snaps en masse. It was quite an effort sifting through this visual carousel of delights, …

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Jam to the Infectious Sounds of Meligrove Band

Image via Meligrove Band

One of the things — well, many things — I love about the internet is how fantastically easy it is to discover music. One minute you’re browsing a random site, and the next, you’re jamming to …

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Get Lassoed in by Illustration Collab Project Ten Paces and Draw

If you and your work are feelin' the midweek slump, we recommend giving your imagination an energy boost by perusing the super creative blog Ten Paces and Draw. Read more »

Deskside Chat: Meet Tom!


Imaginary band names, signature dishes, and much more — see what’s on the minds of our ModEmployees when they’re not bringing you fantastic fashion. In this edition of our video series, Deskside Chats, we meet Tom, Senior Web …

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Honey Kennedy’s Fave Looks from Classic Flicks

We invited Jen of fashion and lifestyle blog Honey Kennedy to round up some looks to mimic a few of her favorite classic-film stars. Take a peek for a little flick-inspired fun!

Funny Face (1957), starring Audrey Hepburn as Jo

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Fave Finds: Addi’s Dusty Rose Dress

Who: Addi of The Curve & the Line 

What: Sheer, dusty rose midi dress

Where: Goodwill

How Much: $8

When I Use It: “Whenever I want something overtly feminine that can stand out on its own, but can also …

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Meet our NYFW Guest Instagrammer, Très Awesome!

Couldn’t make it to New York Fashion Week? Fret not, friends! With our own Erin giving you front-row seat to NYFW’s best shows and Emma of street style blog Très Awesome guest Instagramming for us, you’ll get your Fashion Week …

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Woo Your Sweetheart with these Swoon-worthy Words

Stanzas by Mary Wollenstonecraft Shelley

There are lots of gifts to choose from that tell your special someone how you feel: a bouquet symbolizing your budding romance, chocolate treats in honor of your true love’s sweet nature, or a low-key cuddlefest to show your quiet …

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