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Party It Up on Twitter with ModCloth & ThinkGeek!

There may only be two days left of Geek Week, but, trust us, the fun’s just begun. Between 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. today, we’re hosting one of our Twitter ModChats with the fine folks at ThinkGeek. If you’ve …

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Fashions of the Force: John Woo’s Geek Chic Illustrations

“Darth Vader wears Band of Outsiders” by John Woo

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what Darth Vader dons on his days off, or what the preferred couture of Padme Amadala might be, look no further than artist John Woo

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More Badder Grammar!: July’s Book of the Month Giveaways

So we all make mistakes sometime. There’s not enough time to properly revise your term paper, you need a second pear of eyes to look over that blog post. But you just want to get it done. Receiving feedback for …

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Nail Klub: Get Geek Week Glam with DIY Nail Transfers

Stoked to celebrate Geek Week, the ModCloth Nail Klub found a fully customizable style to help you show off your unique, geeky pride. Read more »

Geek Icon: Delia Derbyshire, Electronic Music Extraordinaire

In celebration of all things geek this week, we're profiling the effortless style and technical talent of Delia Derbyshire, best known as one of the masterminds behind the theme song for the BBC cult favorite Doctor Who. Read more »

Dweeb Out: Geeky Gadgets for the Gal On the Go

Does just the thought of geeky gadgets get you giggly? Do you delight in gear that doubles as hours of entertainment? Well, sister nerds, we’ve whipped together an eccentric array of items that will satisfy every itch you have, from …

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From Sketches to the Stars: Meet Our New Stylebook!

ModCloth's "Above & Beyond" stylebook

Our new stylebook, Above & Beyondreally takes summer-fall fashion over the moon! But, we didn’t just start with some of your favorite items and a lovely model. We had a vision of studying the sky in an imaginative …

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Proud to be Geeks: ModEmployees Share Their Nerdy Confessions

[youtube hd=18w=6007h=338]

Whether it’s grammar, science, or nature that we’re obsessed with, all of us here at ModCloth are proud of our geekiness! In this behind-the-scenes video, ModEmployees come together to share what nerdy pastimes have them completely head …

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Get Ready to Geek Out, Because It’s ModCloth Geek Week!

Let your geek flag fly, because we’re declaring this the first ever ModCloth Geek Week!

For five days, we’re indulging in our geeky side with features and activities inspired by all the offbeat interests and hobbies that make us …

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Women’s Health, July/August

Women’s Health featured our Flight For Your Right Dress in Maxi in their July/August issue.

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