Archive | 08/07/2012

The Monikers by Lauren Desberg

The Name of the Game: The Monikers’ Charming Sound

The Monikers by Lauren Desberg
Photo by Lauren Desberg

If you’re looking for tracks to liven up your summer playlist, look no further than the refreshingly captivating band The Monikers. Within the first thirty seconds of listening to their EP, Taliesin West, you’ll …

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Fave Finds: October’s Carolyn Schnurer Sundress

Who: October of October Rebel

What: 1950’s Carolyn Schnurer sundress

Where: Theatre rummage sale

How much: $5

When I use it: “I love wearing it outdoors — it has a sort of tea party-on-the-lawn quality. It’s great for outdoor gatherings.”…

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