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A Certain Vintage: Behind the Scenes with Our Vintage Buyer, Sari


Our visual merchandiser and vintage buyer, Sari, leads us on a whirlwind vintage sourcing tour to show us how she finds the best one-of-a-kind gems for you. So, strap on your seatbelt and get ready to hear the stylish …

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Fave Finds: Mici’s Special Occasion ’80s Dress

Fave Finds: Mici

Fave Finds: Mici

Who: Mici of Mici Mathonka 

What: ’80s dress with pleated skirt

Where: Greenwich Market, London

How much: £5

When I use it:¬†“I wear this dress for very special occasions, like my mom’s b-day [or my] three-year anniversary with my …

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