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Quote of the Day: Gilda Radner on Fashion

Gilda Radner isn’t typically remembered for her discriminating taste in fashion, but the comedienne’s statement on the subject of style caught our eye. Props to our graphic designer, Ryan, who brought her wise words to life with this adorable …

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A Certain Vintage: Behind the Scenes with Our Vintage Buyer, Sari


Our visual merchandiser and vintage buyer, Sari, leads us on a whirlwind vintage sourcing tour to show us how she finds the best one-of-a-kind gems for you. So, strap on your seatbelt and get ready to hear the stylish …

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Fave Finds: Mici’s Special Occasion ’80s Dress

Fave Finds: Mici

Fave Finds: Mici

Who: Mici of Mici Mathonka 

What: ’80s dress with pleated skirt

Where: Greenwich Market, London

How much: £5

When I use it: “I wear this dress for very special occasions, like my mom’s b-day [or my] three-year anniversary with my …

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October, People Style Watch.

The Cube as Can Be Earrings were featured in the October issue of People Style Watch.


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Clean Up Your Act with 10 Charming DIYs for National Get Organized Week

Spring cleaning? Forget about it! Today marks the beginning of National Get Organized Week – that unforgettable time of fall when you're invited to tidy each space, dust every shelf, and tame your schedule for the season ahead. In the spirit of this super-neat occasion, we've scoured the web for our favorite clutter-busting DIY projects. Read more »

Announcing Our Customer Care Information Exploration Contest!

Got questions about an order, return, or another concern? You can always get by with a little help from your friends at ModCloth! Our Customer Care team has all the answers, and they’re at your service 24/7. But, did you …

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