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Charter Schooled: A Cardigan DIY from Kate of Scathingly Brilliant

For the third installment of our Charter School Cardigan DIY series, Kate of Scathingly Brilliant puts a candy-dot spin on a rose-colored cardigan. Read more »

Nail Klub: Winter-Perfect Gifts for Your Fave Nail Guru

Ah, winter - a time of twinkle lights, carols, and festive parties that shimmer like snow. We here at Nail Klub have kept all sides of the season in mind - we've curated a little collection of products that are sure to capture the holiday spirit! Read more »
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Vintage View: Tied Up in Knots

When it comes to scarves, the styling possibilities are endless! Just ask ModWriter Jamie, who discovered this pedagogical pamphlet featuring a wealth of scarf-tying solutions on her mother's bookshelf! Read more »