Archive | 04/28/2014

5 Must-Have Tips for Shopping Secondhand

Whether you're a vintage pro or new to the game of secondhand shopping, these top 5 tips will help you score those twice-loved treasures. Read more »

Introducing the Craftys, An Awards Event for All You Creators

Musicians have the Grammys. Movie stars have the Oscars. Crafters now have The Craftys. Things just got real. Read more »

10 Things We Love About ’10 Things I Hate About You’

With prom AND graduation season here, why not take a page from this Shakespeare-inspired flick? Read more »

You Will Flip When You See This Watermelon Manicure DIY

May we present: the watermelon mani. It puts a fun twist on a typical French manicure while satisfying our craving for feel-good colors. Read more »
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