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Mistaken for Strangers: The National’s Surprising New Documentary

Music documentaries are a dime a dozen nowadays – the latest, glossiest releases even come in 3-D – but when we heard the premise behind The National's new documentary, Mistaken for Strangers, we paused what we were doing to click "play" on the trailer video. Read more »

A Technological Take on a Fave Childhood Toy, the Etch A Sketch

Ready for a nostalgic throwback? Meet Itch A Skitch, a just-for-fun site with an HTML5-powered Etch A Sketch clone that allows you to sketch, save, and share your creations using just a few pecks of your keyboard and clicks of your mouse, giving your doodled masterpieces an option of permanence that didn't exist when we were tykes. Read more »

A Window Lover’s Tribute to New York City

Graphic designer José Guizar's project, Windows of New York, is a weekly illustrated log of his obsession with the varied windows seen throughout his city. Both graphic and geographic in nature, 'Windows' is a project we look forward to watching. Read more »

Getting to Know Aussie Indie-pop Band Alpine

A is for Alpine. Say that and repeat, because you'll need to know that name. Alpine has landed stateside with a debut album and tour, and we caught up with frontwomen Lou and Phoebe to chat fashion, music, and more. Read more »

ModCloth Moments: You ‘Otter’ Know

Sometimes, our jobs involve filming sea otters, and, sometimes, GIFs must be made from them. While reviewing his footage from our Best Job Ever interview with sea otter aquarist Nikki Dinsmore, our videographer stumbled across this pic-perfect moment of a sea otter giving us a sassy, knowing wink. Read more »

By Design: A Peek at Our Blog Style Guide

One of the most exciting parts of our recent blog revamp was tackling a complete visual refresh – we knew that realizing Story by ModCloth meant taking on every pixel, post, and .png. We swung by our graphic designer's desk to peek at her style guide for our new blog, and ask how she approached reinventing the blog from a design point of view. Read more »

Supporting State Parks Through Rad Design

Doing good has never looked as good as the Pennsylvania Patch Coalition, one design student's project to bring all 120 of PA's state parks to life through design. Read more »

ModCloth Moments: To the Sea

ModCloth behind the scenes
Photo shoots are full of unforgettable moments, and the open roads and seaside settings of our new summer stylebook were rife with inspiration. Read more »

Welcome to the New ModCloth Blog

Say 'Hello' to Our New Blog
Welcome to the new, reimagined ModCloth blog. From a new name to a new look, we've completely redefined the experience of the ModCloth lifestyle, and we couldn't be more excited. This is the blog as you've never seen it before. Read more »

Let’s Create an Epic Road Trip Mix, Shall We?

Behind every great road trip is a beyond-epic playlist, so don't leave home without the best thing you'll hear all summer – our community-curated road trip mix! Read more »