3 Cat Eye Looks for Spring

3 Cat-Eye Looks That Are Purr-fect for Spring

Ah, the cat eye. Beloved by bombshells, mods, riot girls, romantics, and glam-azons alike, this time-tested look has graced the eyes of steady-handed fashionistas throughout the decades. And therein lies the problem. [Cue record scratch.]

Come on, folks, it’s 2015! The millennium? In the past! The Willenium? Over and done with! By all accounts, we should be floating around on rocket-propelled skateboards, sporting silver jumpsuits and Effie Trinket hairdos, not rehashing the same simple swoop of liner forever more. The traditional cat-eye look? It’s goin’ the way of the brontosaurus, my friend. You’re saying, “But ModCloth, it’s a retro classic!” Well, so was tuna-and-Jell-O pie. So today, let’s look forward towards our bright, fashionable futures, and embrace three inspiring new alternatives to the drab old cat eye of yore.

Look 1: The Cat Eye

3 Cat-Eye Looks for Spring

One glance at this look, and you’ll be asking yourself, “Why is the original even called a cat eye? I see no precious paws. I see no soft, squishy face.” Yes, we dug deep into the ‘literal’ box to create this magnificent makeup idea, and what we found there will truly pique your curiosity. A little eyelash glue and a tiny craft store kitty is all you need to complete this look — no fussing with “flicks” or pesky makeup wands. And the results? Me-wow! We can see it now — you’re standing in the pet food aisle, when you catch your reflection in a tin of Gourmet Beef & Seafood Delight. Struck by your beauty, you begin to tear up. “Are you crying, person I can only guess is some kind of celebrity makeup guru?” asks a passerby, to which you modestly respond “No, no, I’ve — I’ve just got a little… cat in my eye.”

Look 2: Eyes That Cats Have

3 Cat-Eye Looks for Spring

This alluring alternative to the traditional cat eye will really get you in touch with your feline side. We’re talking Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jellicle cats level in touch. It’s subtle (when your eyes are closed, most people probably won’t even NOTICE this look #nomakeupmakeup), yet striking (maybe warn your mom before debuting this one at her dinner party), and it’s incredibly versatile (turn the contacts 90 degrees for a gorgeous goat eye!). Not sure you get the concept? Take a peek at the pic that inspired the look:

3 Cat-Eye Looks for Spring

Look 3: The Full-On Cat Face

3 Cat-Eye Looks for Spring

Start with a fresh, clean face. Apply a moisturizing primer, then complete your usual foundation-and-concealer routine. Highlight your cheeks with a peachy-pink blush (coral shades are universally flattering), and contour your face just slightly by sweeping bronzer in the natural hollows of your cheeks. Line the outer third of your eyes with a dark shade to make your lashes pop, then add a sweep of gloss to your lips. Finish the look by smoothing back your hair and pulling this sleek black cat mask over your head. Voila! In a rush? Get the same look in a snap by falling victim to a spell, or by actually being an animal!

+ April fools! You know we LOVE a retro cat eye (and a good laugh). What playful pranks are you pulling today?

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