Peeps, Snorks, and A World Without Garfield

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Crystal: This week I’ve been battling a cold/flu bug and have been waxing nostalgia for The Cosby Show. Being sick is so much less fun when you’re grown up! I’ve had to heat my own chicken noodle soup and go to the store to buy my own orange juice. But good ol’ family sitcoms have remained a constant source of cheer through every cold and flu season. So, this week, I TiVo’d every episode of The Cosby Show to help lull me to sleep at night and put a smile on my face. It’s been great.

Molly: I can’t get enough of ‘Garfield Minus Garfield’ Basically it’s Garfield comics that have had Garfield removed from them. What’s left after erasing the fat cat is a comic strip full of dark humor, angst, and surreal imagery. I never realized just how sad Jon was until seeing him all alone, staring at a sandwich…

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  1. Katie Z. 04/10/2009 at 3:53 pm #

    Oh, “Dressing for your Shape” articles. So true!


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