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I can honestly say I’ve been a big fan of Alexa Chung’s style since I was a teenager. I was sixteen years old and working in a small consignment shop in my hometown. Stacks upon stacks of fashion magazines cluttered the jewelry case counter tops, and the owner of the store insisted I keep current with today’s trends by flipping through a Neiman Marcus catalog, or last month’s Vogue. At the time, I had very little interest in these periodicals. I was totally brainwashed to think the only thing cool and savvy enough for me, as a TEEN, was Teen Vogue, ELLE Girl, or CosmoGIRL! And so, Carol (the aforementioned store owner) graciously agreed to subscribe to these cutting edge, super cool mini-mags. I was thrilled to spend each Saturday reading CosmoGIRL‘s make-up tips and ELLE Girl‘s short critiques of runway fashion. The glossy pages of these publications were overflowing with beautiful, young models who had the coolest style I’d ever seen. It was then that I first noticed Alexa Chung, a youthful brunette British model who seemed like she had it all – brains, beauty, and charm!

Keep reading to find out more about Alexa’s current career and fabulous style.

Alexa Chung was born and raised in Privett, Hampshire, a small village in southeastern England. She was accepted into both King’s College London and Chelsea College of Art and Design. However, before pursuing an academic degree, Alexa was discovered at 16 to be a model. She began working for Storm Model Management, a London-based modeling agency, and instantly obtained popularity both in the UK and in the States. Under Storm, Alexa began modeling for publications such as Elle Girl and CosmoGIRL!. She also became a familiar face for Urban Outfitters, matching their indie girl aesthetic almost perfectly. When she was 20 years old, Alexa decided to quit modeling. Fortunately, her break from posing for the camera didn’t stop her “It Girl” reputation. Today, Alexa is known for being a fashion model, party DJ, and a contributing editor at British Vogue. She’s also the name and face behind MTV’s It’s On with Alexa Chung, a live variety program based on music performances, celebrity appearances, and interviews.

Alexa has always had a career directly related to fashion, which explains her effortlessly cool, chic style. Before her show on MTV, Alexa was the dapper host of Vanity Lair, a British reality TV program. From Vanity Lair, she went on to become a roving reporter on Channel 4’s “Gok Fashion Fix,” where she interviewed major fashion designers and critiqued current fashion trends. Her charming, quirky personality and classic beauty made her a household name, a source of fashion inspiration, and a respectable reporter. I admire her most for her ability to mix couture statement pieces with simple, vintage-inspired style, as seen in the above photo. Who else would think to pair a quintessential LV Monogram Speedy with a black sweetheart dress and an adorable Heidi braid hairstyle? Flawless!

Take a look through any of today’s hottest fashion magazines, from Nylon to Paper, and you’ll see pages upon pages of Alexa Chung-inspired fashion. And it doesn’t stop there – Alexa’s eclectic style transcends the pages of magazines and directly effects the wardrobe choices of young, hip girls everywhere. Alexa has brought a few key style trends into the spotlight, and I certainly hope they are here to stay!

First and foremost, Alexa’s not afraid to try daring fashion choices. She’s rocking a chambray shirt and a novelty straw hat in the above photo, which is nothing short of awesome. I’m definitely going to try and recreate that fun, carefree look with The Blaine Hair Clip!

Next, Alexa never seems to be without a statement necklace! Her choice of jewelry ranges from the chunky and crafty to the sleek and sophisticated. Try adding the Key Wee Fruit Necklace, the Cardinal Points Necklace, or the Wood You Cry For Me Necklace to any ensemble for a simple and effective way to ramp up the chic factor.

Thirdly, Alexa seems to be a proud proponent of all things nautical. She’s an obvious fan of stripes and admiral jackets, so for a similarly mod style, try wearing the Twice as Stripe Top, the Nautical by Nature Dress, or  the Spelterini Dress with the Eloise Coat, the Secret Agent Coat, or the Take the Reigns Jacket!

Fourthly, Alexa is known for rocking a vogue triforce: a vintage-inspired dress with tights and a buzzworthy bag. Try combining any of the following items for an equally dashing get-up: Town and Country Dress in City Estate, The Mimosa Dress in Paris, the Cabaret Voltaire Dress, the Arabian Tights, the Dots and Daisies Tights in Brown, the Ultraviolet Tights, The Uffizi Handbag, the Cape Town Bag, or the Estate Sale Kisslock!

Lastly, Alexa is no stranger to the always edgy, always dashing menswear trend. Below is a photo of Alexa wearing ModCloth’s own Glass Ceiling Blazer, by indie designer Aryn K! I love how she’s styled that modern jacket with a fancy sequined skirt and basic black flats. I cannot stress enough how much I admire Alexa’s gumption when it comes to pairing clothing items that many fashionistas wouldn’t think to combine. Try mixing your blazer with the Bow-sic Black Flats and the Sequin-tially Essential Skirt for a similar show stopping style!

Alexa Chung is an undisputed style icon because of her incredible versatility. She looks as stunning in a pair of jeans as she does in a red carpet gown. Alexa’s knack for pairing vintage with modern is impeccable. There are so many aspects of her style to admire – from her fabulous taste in accessories to her daring approach to silhouettes, her outfits never cease to be inspiring. Keep an eye on Alexa Chung for a preview of tomorrow’s hottest fashion trends!

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  1. Kate 10/20/2009 at 2:48 pm #

    She is my favorite! a total babe.

  2. Chloe 10/20/2009 at 5:09 pm #

    I am a huge fan of her style – I just put her in my blog for a “celebrity style crush” post that I did.

  3. kristar 10/24/2009 at 7:50 am #

    i love her style!!!! she is totally my style icon! and i watch “It’s On with Alexa Chung” all the time!!
    WEIRD FACT: i found out she is half asian (her dad is chinese)…..i was shocked, she doesn’t look it but she is.

  4. vonny 12/07/2009 at 6:17 am #

    love her looks…total

  5. Ellen 05/02/2010 at 8:40 am #

    I love her style!
    she is my idol!

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