Bright Ideas: Add Eye-Catching Color to Your Cat-Eye Liner

If you’re eager to make 2016 better, brighter, and more brilliant than ever before, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to all the fresh, fun styles we have in store, we’ll be sharing smart ideas for adding a splash of color to your life, right here on the blog! For starters, we’re sharing an inspiring new take on a traditional cat-eye liner look that’s sure to wake up your makeup. We were super inspired by the vivid hues in this new ModCloth label frock — the Dreams and Desires Dress.


We love the rainbow of shades in this design, so we found a way to flaunt multiple colors in one amazing eye look, too. Get ready to feel radiant!

Step 1

A Colorful Take on Cat-Eye Liner

Start with a fresh face, primed eyes, and well-defined brows — they’ll help bring attention to your statement liner.

Step 2

A Colorful Take on Cat-Eye Liner

Pick three highly pigmented colors to use in your line — any combination will do, but we suggest three hues that fall next to each other on the spectrum (we’re using yellow, orange, and magenta). Use an eyeliner brush to line the inner half of your eye with the lightest shade.

A tip: This works best with a cream or gel color. If you’re using powder, add a touch of water to make the color paint-able!

Step 3

A Colorful Take on Cat-Eye Liner

Line the outer two-thirds of your eye with the second lightest shade. Yep — you want this color to overlap the first just a bit. Where they overlap, start gently blending the two lines together, so that one color fades beautifully into the next. Be sure to blend in small horizontal movements to keep the line neat and level.

Step 4

A Colorful Take on Cat-Eye Liner

Line the outer third of your eye in your final color, and draw it out into a wing. Use the same overlapping and blending technique from the last step with this new color. Finish the look with mascara, understated blush, and a touch of gloss.

You ‘Glow’ Girl!

A Colorful Take on Cat-Eye Liner

Catch more colorful ideas all month on the blog, and don’t forget to check out the gorgeous new finds on our site!



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  1. Michelle Sprowls 01/05/2016 at 12:23 pm #

    Nice blog, Anna ~ and beautiful job on Savannah’s eyes……they look really pretty !

    But then again I’m partial ~ I’m Savannah’s mom ! )

    Keep up the good work !


  2. Rebecca 01/12/2016 at 10:14 pm #

    Love your make up tips!

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