Easy Hairstyles That Look Cool in the Pool

Okay, so you’ve found a bathing suit that makes you feel like a million bucks. Your sunglasses are 80s-anthem-worthy, and your towel? It’s basically a terry cloth billboard that says, “It’s my pool party, and I’ll look fab if I want to.” You’re set for a stylish swim, but for one last to-do. Your ‘do! Longer-locked ladies understand the struggle — you do one underwater handstand, come up for air, and bam. Your hair is twisted and slapped in all different directions against your head. Seriously. Mermaid movies have painted a vastly inaccurate picture of the realities of post-swim hair. Sure, you could rock a pony, or tuck those tresses back into a cute ‘n’ quirky swim cap to keep ’em under control, but if you’re really looking to make a splash, give one of these styles a try! Not only are these looks super simple to execute, they also stay put and pretty in and out of the pool. What are you waiting for? Dive right in!

Pretty Half Pony

Step 1

Let your hair down and brush through any pesky knots. Run your thumbs from your temples to the back of your head, gathering the top section of your hair into a gentle ponytail. Secure this section with an elastic, and let the ponytail you’ve just made blend back in with the rest of your tresses.

Easy Swim Hairstyles That Look Cool in the Pool

Step 2

Using the same moves as you did to create that first pony, create a second. Start an inch or two lower down you head, then pull that second section of hair back into a ponytail. Remember that you’re incorporating the first ponytail you made into this second section, too. In fact, using the first ponytail as a guide will help you get the second one perfectly centered.

Easy Swim Hairstyles that Look Cool in the Pool

Step 3

Now that you’ve got the process down, keep going! Create new sections until you hit the nape of your neck. You want to make sure that, by that point, all of your remaining hair has been gathered up. Secure it with an elastic, and let that final pony flow.

Easy Swim Hairstyles that Look Cool in the Pool

Braided Buns

Step 1

Part your hair into two pigtails, then secure each one with an elastic. Note that wherever you tie off your pigtails will be where your braided buns will end up sitting.

Easy Hairstyles that Look Cool in the Pool

Step 2

Braid each pigtail, then tie the ends with elastics.

Easy Hairstyles that Look Cool in the Pool

Step 3

Here’s the fun part. Gather each braid into a bun — you can either roll them from the ends up, or wind them in on themselves close to your head. Once you’ve created a bun, pin it into place until it’s super duper secure.

Easy Hairstyles that Look Cool in the Pool


Aaaadorable, right? Oh, and by the way — if you’re digging this swimsuit, you can find it and a sea of other uber-flattering Esther Williams styles here.

+Do you have a pre-pool beauty routine, or do you prefer not to bother? Share your secrets and advice in the comments!

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