Easy Witch Makeup You Can Totally Do for Halloween

witch makeup tutorial

If you haven’t been a witch at some point in your life, then you’re either not into dressing up, or you’re so into dressing up that a witch just isn’t creative enough (go, you!). Either way, it’s time for you to (re)consider this classic costume. Here’s a simple beauty tutorial if you’re interested in nailing this look without having to go overboard on the makeup supplies.

Things You’ll Need:
Green cream eyeshadow (I used Make Up For Ever)
Green shimmer powder
Black gel or liquid liner
Black eyeliner pencil
Large lashes and lash glue
Red lipstick or lip gloss
Makeup brushes for application

easy witch for halloween

Step 1
Start by applying the green cream shadow all over lid, up to brow bone and underneath lower lashes. No need to be perfect — you can smudge out the edges with your finger.

Step 2
Define the eye socket by putting a darker green shimmery powder in the outer corners and blend inward and upward.

Step 3
Using a gel or liquid liner, draw a dramatic cat eye and connect along the eye socket for added drama. You can make this as big or as little as you like.

Step 4
Time to add your lashes (try using dark lash glue — I found some really fun feathery ones at the drugstore for $5).

Step 5
Finish the look by lining your inner rims with black liner and filling in your brows with the same black liner. Blondes can do this too — a black brow makes a statement!

Step 6
To make the look come together, add a red lip and top with a witch’s hat (also from the drugstore). Done!

– by Erica Davidson 

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Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.11.40 AM Erica was born and raised in Santa Monica. After graduating from college in Northern California, she moved back to L.A. to pursue her career as a makeup artist and hair stylist. In 2008, she joined Aim Artists and has been represented by them since. When she’s not busy working on commercials, print, editorials, and red carpet events, she’s blogging about all things beauty on her own blog Pretty Pleased. Erica lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Benji, and son, Jack.


Easy Witch Makeup for Halloween

on 10/11/2014

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  1. MonicaP 10/13/2014 at 2:08 pm #

    Pretty! I’m probably one of the few people that likes to be a “pretty” Halloween character .. 🙂


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