This Fresh Flamingo Nail Tutorial is Literally the Best Thing We’ve Seen

This month, we tapped Nicole by OPI for some rad nail inspo. Here’s what they came up with.

flamingo nails

The nail art world is hot (pink) for flamingos this summer. So, naturally when NYC-based nail artist Miss Pop stopped by OPI HQ for some trend talk and nail art, she said a fun flamingo mani with our Seize the Summer shades was a must! Here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial you can follow to recreate Miss Pop’s signature summer look.

Here’s What You Need:
Base Coat
Lay It On The Lime! (Lime Green)
Shaved Nice (Glitter)
LeaPink for Joy (Hot Pink)
At Least I Pink So (Light Pink)
Black & White Polish (We’re using Razzle Dazzler & Yoga-Then-Yogurt)
Top Coat
Dotting Tool (a bobby pin will work in a pinch)
Nail Art Brush


Step 1 Set the Foundation
Start by applying a coat of 3-in-1 Base Coat/Strengthener/Top Coat, and let dry.
Polish your pointer and middle finger with two coats of Lay It On The Lime! Polish your pinkie and thumb with Shaved Nice. (Leave your ring finger bare for now.) Let dry.


Step 2 The Chevron Nail
Cut a V-shape out of a piece of painters tape. Stick it on your ring finger making sure the tip of the V is centered on your nail and pointing toward your free edge. Smooth out air bubbles and ripples so lacquer doesn’t seep under the tape.

On the part of your ring finger that is exposed, apply Lay It On The Lime! near the cuticle and LeaPink for Joy at the tip (see image below).

Remove the tape almost immediately. Be slow & steady as you pull it off from side to side. Clean up any imperfections with some lacquer remover and a thin nail art brush or cotton swab.



Step 3 The Flamingo Nail
Using LeaPink for Joy, paint a semi-circle at the tip of your middle finger.

Then take a nail art brush to make an S-shape from the semi-circle to your cuticle line. Make the tip of the S near your cuticle line a little thicker – this will be your flamingo’s head.

Step 4 The Beak
Clean your nail art brush and dip it in your white polish. Paint a thin curved line coming out from your Flamingo’s head.

Then, with black polish, outline your white line to complete the beak.


Step 5 The Feathers
With the lighter pink, At Least I Pink So, push excess lacquer off the brush.

Then make very light brush strokes over the flamingo’s body to create a feathered look.

Step 6 The Eyes
With a dotting tool (or bobby pin head) make a dot with white lacquer in the center of the flamingo’s head. Go over the white with a slightly smaller black dot. Finish with Quick Dry Top Coat and you’re good to go!

+ Show off your creation by tagging #SeizetheSummer. Shout it out to @nicolebyopi & @modcloth for a chance to be featured!

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