Everything You Need to Know About Growing Out Your Pixie Cut

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We (a.k.a. your trusty ModCloth editors) recently went wild at the hair salon (eek, we know). Julie cut off maybe 6 inches, and I went full chop — we’re talking above-the-shoulders bob. And while we’ve welcomed the change with open arms (you have NO IDEA how much you will save on shampoo and conditioner), we couldn’t help but wish we’d gone even shorter. So when we spotted this pixie cut hair guide over on xoVain we were intrigued. Sure, we don’t have one yet, but this post will sure be helpful when we’re ready to do it (and consequently, when we’re ready to grow it out).

If you’re currently sporting one and looking to try something new, writer Rachel has a collection of suggested tips. “I’m here to walk you through the long and difficult — but not impossible — journey of growing out your pixie cut. We can hold hands if you want. Just for a second. Just to see how it feels,” she says on the site.

Step 1 Get Regular Trims

I know, I know, I know — you’ve heard this a thousand times, but it bears repeating for good reason. Keeping your hair trimmed and neat, especially the back of your head (which will veer into mullet territory faster than you can say “Achey Breaky Heart”), is the only way to keep it looking nice and, more importantly, intentional.

To read the rest of Rachel’s definitive guide, visit our knowledgable friends at xoVain.

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