Waves of Whimsy: Get the Look!

Bold, on-trend vermilion lips and a youthful spin on the traditional French Twist inspired the beauty styling of our latest homepage, “Waves of Whimsy.” In between mascara touch-ups and feverish backcombing, we caught up with make-up artist Emily and hair stylist Amithyst to learn just how easy it is to achieve ModModel Rachel’s daytime look.

After the jump, check out our first ever photoshoot hair and make-up guide, illustrated by up-and-coming artist Taylor Shields!


For the eyes…

1. Start with a clean, moisturized face!

2. Apply a neutral cream eye shadow base to the upper eyelid and just below the lower lash line. This will keep your eye shadow powder and eye liner in place all day.

3. Apply black gel eye liner to the upper lash line with a thin eye liner brush. Start at the center of the upper lash line, and gently brush out toward the edge of your outer eye. Repeat and work from the center toward your inner eye.

4. Without re-dipping your eye liner blush, apply black gel eye liner to your lower lash line, using brush strokes that go toward the nose. Blend, blend, blend! Follow-up with black eye shadow along the lash lines to soften the eye liner.

5. Blend shimmering taupe and pink eye shadow to create an ethereal, light pink shade. Using a small eye shadow brush, apply eye shadow to the eyelid crease. Use a smoky eye brush to apply shadow to the lower lash line. Start at the outer corner and work your way toward the inner eye.

NOTE: For daytime looks, make sure your pink eye shadow isn’t too red-toned. Too much red around the eyes can make you look tired!

6. Apply a deep purple or mauve eye shadow to the eyelid and the outer corner of the lower lash line. Start light and build up the eye shadow in these areas – take it in stages to avoid too much intensity!

7. Use a shadow blending brush to apply a final swath of taupe/pink eye shadow from the eyelid crease to the brow line.

8. Apply mascara to your top lashes. Emily recommends starting with your brush at the base of your lashes, and then wiggling your brush horizontally back and forth as you move up to lengthen and separate each lash.

9. Apply mascara to your bottom lashes without re-dipping your brush! Use the very tip of your mascara brush on lower lashes, as they are much finer and more delicate than your upper lashes.

For the cheeks…

1. Apply a small amount of bronze-toned blush onto the h0llows of your cheeks, angling toward the mouth.

2. Apply pink-toned blush to the apples of your cheeks, blending downward into the hollows of each cheek.

3. Using a tiny fan brush, apply a small amount of shimmering eyeshadow on the top of your cheekbones and along the outer corner of each eye. This is a final flair meant to highlight your eyes – we recommend the effervescent sparkle of Eyedust in Nymph!

4. Use pressed or loose powder to blend all over your face and set your look in place.

For the lips…

1. Apply neutral lipstick base or primer on lips. Allow to absorb and dry.

2. Use orange-toned lip liner to line the lips.

3. Apply a generous amount of orange-toned lipstick to the lips.

Not ready to try orange lipstick? We heart Lipstick in Retrofuturist’s sultry shade of red.


1. Blow dry hair straight, then apply a generous amount of Moroccan Oil to add shine and sheen to hair.

2. Give yourself a deep side part on either side of your head. Gather the hair you singled out from the top of your crown. Backcomb this group of hair in sections. For each section, comb downward multiple times, then tightly pack hair at the root. Apply a light layer of hair spray to backcombed hair.

3. Twist this section of hair into a simple French Twist. Secure the twist in place with bobby pins.

4. With the remaining hair that’s down, separate and hair spray sections before backcombing each section.

5. Use a wide smoothing brush to pull back hair into a super high ponytail, the base of which should just be an inch or so behind the French Twist. Lean head back slightly before affixing your high ponytail with a bungee – this will ensure the ponytail is tight and secure!

6. Wrap the shorter pieces of hair from the ponytail around the base of the ponytail to hide the bungee. Secure these pieces in place with bobby pins.

7. Use a wide barrel curling iron to curl sections of the ponytail.

8. Finish with a light dose of hair spray allover the hair and you’re done!

Looking for more make-up tips? Stay tuned for more tips on flawless, fabulous make-up application! Later this week, we’ll be posting our interview with make-up guru Bobbi Brown!

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