Harken Back to Old-Time Glamour with Besame Cosmetics

We live in a glossy, fast-paced modern world. Whizzing cars that drive themselves, pocket-sized computers that allow us to settle arbitrary dinner debates on a whim, and slick beauty products that use the latest technology to in an attempt to give us better skin and better payoff….

But there’s something so charming, though, about the screen-free, glamorous, olden days of time gone by. It’s no surprise, then, that when you combine modern technology with that vintage appeal and allure, you get something very magical. Which leads us to one of the latest beauty brands we’re very excited to carry: Besame Cosmetics.


Besame’s ultimate goal is to honor the spirit of the golden age of cosmetics in vintage-inspired packaging, formulation, and application. For example, their Rip-Roaring Radiance Mascara recently made headlines ’round the Internet for bringing back the “dry cake” formulation of mascara. (It’s is a water-activated, multi-purpose product that serves as a mascara, brow filler, and eyeliner all in one. Talk about a product that does it all and looks good while doing it!)

Today we’re applying a few of their popular items to help inspire your upcoming holiday makeup game.

Rip-Roaring Radiance Blush

Pictured: Rip-Roaring Radiance Blush. (Please note that our names differ from the company’s and what appears on the packaging, but they are the same products!)

This “translucent blush radiance rouge” is so refined and silky that it almost feels like a cream to the touch. The tiniest dusting of product is all you need to get happy, rosy cheeks.

Rip-Roaring Radiance Lip LinerLipstick

Pictured: Rip-Roaring Radiance Lip Liner  and Lipstick in Red Velvet

Nothing says vintage glamour quite like a deep, blood-red lipstick and perfectly lined lips. I’m wearing their cerise and red lip liner, which is creamy but firm, and applies smoothly across your lips. I filled in my lips with their red velvet lipstick, which leans burgundy for a rich, lush effect. The shade is actually a true replica of a color from 1946!

Rip-Roaring Radiance Brightening Powder & Brush

Pictured: Rip-Roaring Radiance Brightening Powder Set and Come to Your Shade Finishing Brush  

To keep everything in place, and to brighten my skin tone, I applied Besame’s violet maquillage with their finishing brush. The powder is actually part of a three-piece set that includes a vanilla rose and vanilla finishing powder, as well. The violet corrects yellow and red tones to brighten any skin, the vanilla rose is pink-tinted to control green and blue tones, and the vanilla is yellow-tinted to control redness. As a bonus, they each are lightly scented with romantic aromas.

The finishing brush is a true nod to vintage glamour. The long, thick handle makes it easy to manipulate, the hair is soft and silky, it blends your makeup like a dream, and it looks so pretty sitting on your vanity.


In addition to the products mentioned, I used the following to finish this vintage glamour look: bb cream, a neutral eye shadow color (several shades darker than my skin tone) applied on my lids and up to the crease, smudged gray eyeliner, and extra-long faux lashes.

+Shop These & Other Besame Cosmetics:

Rip-Roaring Radiance Mascara Cake $24.99
Rip-Roaring Radiance Blush in Petal Pink $24.99
Rip-Roaring Radiance Lipstick in Dusty Rose $21.99
Rip-Roaring Radiance Brightening Powder Set $24.99

+Shop Other Beauty Accoutrements, Like These:

Traveling Tresses Dry Shampoo Powder $11.99
Poetic Pastiche Cosmetic Gift Set $99.99
Not a Mascara in the World Makeup Remover Cloth in Black $19.99
Over and Over A-Grin Lip Gloss in Watermelon $5.99

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