Hello, Gorgeous: The Best of ModCloth Beauty from 2012!

Best of Beauty

With New Year’s almost here, are you looking to add a little glam to your night out? Never fear, we’ve rounded up the best of our beauty blog posts from this past year. Whether you’re adding flair to your hair or mimicking abstract art with your nails, these recipes for beauty will help you ring in the new year with a little flair!

1. Megan’s Marvelous Marble Nail Tutorial

2. In The Thick of It: 3 Fancy Hairstyles for Thick Haired Ladies

3. Pony Up: 3 Chic Ponytail Tutorials for a Cool Summer

4. Celebrate Midsummer’s Eve with a DIY Flower Crown!

5. A Quick Fix: DIY Dry Shampoo by Fox & Doll

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2013-inspired Nails

7. Shortcut to Style: 3 Picture-perfect Short Hair Tutorials

8. Pretty in Pastels: A Makeup Tutorial Perfect for Bridesmaids or Guests

9. Indulge in Our French Fry Nail Art Tutorial

Still searching for beauty help? Check out our Beauty How-tos category for all our fab tutorials!

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A lover of all things vintage and vintage-inspired, Julie bought her first 1950s frock in the fifth grade. Since then, Julie has become a self-described connoisseur of vintage and thrift shopping, which she shares on her blog, Orchid Grey. When she’s not scouring the racks for the perfect vintage skirt, this native New Englander can be found deftly navigating the slopes of a ski mountain, taking road-trips to the beach, and exploring new places with a vintage camera in her hand.

2 Responses to Hello, Gorgeous: The Best of ModCloth Beauty from 2012!

  1. ettututu 12/26/2012 at 11:16 am #

    Wow, Modcloth Beauty had a great year! I’m definitely going to use the wedding tutorial for the one I’m attending this weekend. 🙂

  2. Shana Astrachan 12/26/2012 at 12:40 pm #

    Love this! And love seeing my DIY dry shampoo recipe included. xo and happy holidays to the whole crew at ModCloth!


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